CASP Aerospace offers a wide variety of source cylinders and regulators or cylinders and valve assemblies to meet your repair and overhaul needs – whether for crew oxygen or to support entire systems. Our portable oxygen cylinders are lightweight and are available in a variety of configurations. They incorporate automatic altitude compensated operation as well as demand or constant flow outlets.

Our various fixed oxygen supply cylinders will furnish breathing oxygen to aircraft crews at safe pressures and flows as required.

Our regulators include many varieties for commercial and executive aviation applications. They are cylinder mounted, panel mounted, mask-mounted and torso-mounted. 

Altitude compensation/automatic dilution control ensures the proper mix of oxygen and air is provided at a specific altitude and switches to 100% at the proper time. At the same time, this feature conserves oxygen use to make a limited supply last longer.

Few moving parts ensure high reliability, low weight and low maintenance cost.

Through our trusted suppliers, we also offer the 895 and 898 Series Cylinder/Regulator Assemblies, which are available in electrical, cable or hand lever actuation styles. All designs offer the same reliable ON/OFF functionality. The regulator can be configured with many different combinations of outlets, gauges, or transducers.