CASP Aerospace offers extensive experience in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of fire protection systems for all aircraft types. 

We offer a wide range of fire extinguishing and detection equipment that is both high-quality and industrial grade. Our fire extinguishers are installed on a large majority of commercial transports, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and BAE. They are light weight, with good discharge range and excellent fire extinguishing ability.

We offer customized solutions. Our product expertise is wide ranging and includes engine, cargo, APU, lavatory and handheld fire extinguishers, slide and raft inflation cylinders, emergency air reservoirs, fixed and portable oxygen bottles, crew masks and various related equipment. CASP is also a stocking distributor for Securaplane sealed lead-acid batteries, aircraft security systems and cameras.

Our extinguishing units are provided from vendors with over 80 years of experience producing quality, durable fire suppression equipment. Extinguishers are sized to fit aircraft cargo, cabin, and toilet compartments. Various sizes are available to suit a wide variety of applications, including ETOPS. Output rates can be selected for fire knock-down (high) or metered (low) operation.

CASP Aerospace is the only Canadian AMO that is recognized as a factory approved repair facility by Kidde Aerospace, Pacific Scientific, B/E Aerospace and Fire Fighting Enterprises, and CASP has established long standing and excellent relationships with many other major manufacturers of safety and life support equipment.