CASP Aerospace offers and maintains breathing apparatus designed to protect the wearer’s eyes and respiratory tract in any emergency.

Crew Masks

Crew oxygen mask systems available through CASP Aerospace include the Sweep-On® Fullface Crew Oxygen Mask and the Pro-Vision™ Crew Oxygen Mask.

Oxycrew™ Protective Breathing Hood

The B/E Aerospace Oxycrew™ is a self-contained piece of protective breathing equipment (PBE) in accordance with TSO C116, and is used by aircraft crew members in the event of smoke, in-flight fire, and ground evacuation.

Oxycrew™ Stowage

To provide easy access and minimum weight, Oxycrew™ is packed in foil and covered by a lightweight container. A serviceability indicator and a seal on the container support simple visual checks.

The Oxycrew™ can easily be mounted at various locations using a special lightweight bracket.

PBE Features

  • Protection of head and chest against heat and dripping plastics
  • Oxygen is provided in a closed-loop-circuit
  • Oxygen supply immediately after pulling the starter device
  • Oxygen source away from head and neck, thus reduction of heat and noise stress.
  • A slight overpressure protects the wearer from any external contamination
  • Built-in anti-fog-ventilation for the hood visor to provide 100% unobstructed view.
  • A speech transmitter allows communication with the passengers/crew members, also by megaphone
  • OXYCREW is vacuum packed. A serviceability indicator shows condition of the PBE
  • Useful life of 10 years


The PBE is a closed-circuit breathing apparatus designed to protect the wearer’s eyes and respiratory tract in an emergency.

PBE Features

The PBE hood envelops the wearer’s head and provides oxygen with a demand-based air regeneration system. This system is a chemical process that uses the unique characteristics of potassium superoxide (KO2).